Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Authentication Issue

Over the past few months we've had a few users have issues with the authentication step when they first install Dailyworkout.  It seems as though some browsers have issues sending the authentication token back to Dailyworkout.  The two scenarios we've seen are:

Scenario 1:
When I turn on the app, I get a window saying that Dailyworkout needs to access dailymile, and I'm then asked to log on to to dailymile. So far, so good. 
However, I then get a message saying "You do not have permission to open this page. x-dailyworkout://callback#access_token=......"

The issue here was that the user was using a third party browser (miren) to access that dailymile webpage.  Once they removed Miren or chose to use the default Android browser to access the page, the authentication callback started working.

Scenario 2:
When the program starts, I get the initial page "We need to redirect you to dailymile to get access", I click OK. Then Login to daily mile.  Then when I get the page that says "dailyworkout has requested permission to access your account on daily mile.  there are 2 buttons, allow and deny. I push allow, but nothing happens. 
This issue sounded similar to the previous scenario but this time they were using the default browser and unlike the first scenario, nothing was loading, not even an error message.  The user installed another browser (dolphin hd) and tried using the new browser to open the dailymile page, this time it worked.

So, if you get stuck on the authentication callback (mind you, only a few of our users have), try one of these solutions and see if it helps out.  Once authentication is complete, you will never have to do it again (unless you logout).  If neither of these help, let us know, we're happy to help resolve any issues!